The real estate market has been going through quite a few changes in recent years. Not too long ago, all that was required was a sign, a brochure, and open houses. Yet, with the rise of technology, it is estimated that up to 90% of potential homebuyers begin their search online. To add to that, majority of these buyers skim over the listing’s detail and jump right into the real estate photography.

We provide high-quality, professional real estate photography to peak the interest of prospective buyers and increase the amount of interest in the home that you are trying to sell. But we also go a step further. What’s even better than photos? Videos, of course!

With our professional video tours, you’ll be able to captivate your potential buyers and boost more interest in the home. We are able to provide aerial footage to give a complete look and feel of the surrounding neighborhood, as well as give an extensive tour of the exterior and interior of the home. This lets the buyers have a more intimate look into the property, and gives the sensation that that they’re touring the home in person.

This helps to expand the size of home shoppers you’re targeting. Many buyers may be interested in purchasing a home in the Orlando area, but don’t currently live closeby enough to take a tour in person. It is also available 24/7, letting people take a tour of the home no matter the time of day.

By tapping into the buyers’ emotions, professional real estate videos will help you sell the property quicker by increasing the amount of people interested. With more interest comes higher asking prices.

Space Coast Aerial Solutions LLC is dedicated to helping you sell a home more efficiently by putting you ahead of your competitors. If you’re looking to sell in the Orlando area, be sure to contact us today.

Photo Slideshows & Video Walkthrough Tours

Our video walkthrough tours & photo slideshows are the very focus that sets us apart from the rest of Real Estate Photographers here in Florida. This slideshow is apart of our Complete Photo Package. Let this video help sell your property! Give this video as an appetizer to interested buyers!

Video Walkthrough w/Advanced Graphics