When looking for a new home, potential buyers need the ability to envision themselves actually living in the house, walking through the neighborhood, and watering the grass in the backyard. Targeting their emotions during the process is key to boosting interest and selling the home quickly.

While professional interior photography is a very powerful tool within the real estate industry, it only gets the home shopper so far in perceiving the feel and atmosphere of the property. The closest thing to having the buyer actually visit the home is providing them with professional walkthrough video tours.

With an estimated 90% of prospective buyers beginning their search online, it is critical to gain their attention immediately. They’re not going to look through the specifics of the listing until they’ve decided if the house looks like a place they and their loved ones could live.

Research has shown that up to 40% of listings are now utilizing video walkthroughs, and this percentage is expected to increase to between 70% and 80% by 2020. With Zillow and Trulia being the most popular online real estate companies used today, it’s extremely beneficial to target homebuyers through these mediums, and especially with walkthrough video tours.

At Space Coast Aerial Solutions LLC, our mission is to help you sell homes expeditiously, and one of the ways in which we can achieve this is by providing you with a professional and first-rate walkthrough video tour to use on Zillow and Trulia. Using videos to showcase your listing will give it up to five times more views and clicks, which will tremendously increase the interest in the property.

When selling a home in the Orlando area, it’s important to stay ahead of the market and your competition. Be sure to contact us today to use our high-quality real estate photography services, and attract more potential buyers with videos like the one below.